Sunday 9 April 2017

Forest Club Blue Hooded Men's ALL TIME WEAR JACKET RS.1079 (63.00% Off) - Amazon

Forest Club Blue Hooded Men


  • • JACKETS FOR MEN 2 in 1: Men's Reversible Sports LIGHT WEIGHT Jacket by Forest Club. Forest Club presents to you a THIN and LIGHT WIGHT REVERSIBLE WINDCHEATER FOR MEN 2 in 1 • 100% NYLON FABRIC: For this 2 in 1 SPORTS WINDCHEATER JACKET the fabric we have used is NYLON as the fabric SKIN FRIENDLY and BREATHABLE MATERIAL
  • • PROTECTION FROM WINDS AND RAIN: This SPORTS Jacket has NYLON FABRICS ON BOTH SIDES which ensures and keeps you PROPERLY-SHEILDED in opposition to CHILLY WINDS and MILD RAINS due to its material properties. • IN EVENT OF RAIN: The material of this windcheater jacket is WATER REPELLENT. It allows drops of water to slip off the material which delays penetration of water into the jacket while you get out of the rain. However, the down jacket is NOT WATER-RESISTANT
  • • HOODED: The Jacket also has a HOOD which can be ROLLED and PACKED back into the jacket while no longer used. • VELCRO ACCESSORIES: Add-ons are supplied at each aspects of the Jacket which help the consumer to regulate the scale inside the decrease location of the jacket.
  • • ZIPPER FLAP: The Jacket PRIMARY ZIPPER is nicely PROTECTED through a flap • SMART CASUAL AND RIDING JACKET: This Jacket is not only STYLISH it can be used for riding jacket also. • POCKET ZIPPERS: There are total 4 POCKETS IN THE JACKET; 2 on the front side AND 2 on REVERSE SIDE. All pockets have zippers which provide eternal protection for the person.
  • • Size Chart: This Forest Club Full Sleeve Solid Men's Jacket would BEST FIT anybody who wears SHIRT SIZE 39 MEDIUM (M) 40 LARGE (L) 42 EXTRA LARGE (XL) 44 DOUBLE EXTRA LARGE (XXL)

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