Friday 19 July 2019

EARTH THERAPY® Beard Growth Oil For Beard and Moustache Nourishment RS.347 (61.00% Off) - Amazon

EARTH THERAPY® Beard Growth Oil For Beard and Moustache Nourishment RS.347 (61.00% Off) - Amazon


  • SUPER HEALTHY BEARD GROWTH: Our luxury beard oil is a Home grown Proprietary organic Blend which is rich in vitamins & minerals that nourish facial hair, including vitamin C, B, vitamin E, copper & zinc which are essential for preventing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth. It also known to minimize breakage and thinning. This oil also boost circulation & collagen production leading to healthy skin and hair regrowth.
  • IMPROVES HAIR SIZE AND THICKNESS: Tobacco oil , since ages, has always been used for improving the hair health. It stimulates blood circulation to promote hair growth & darkens hair naturally and it is also known to act as effective DHT blocker thereby reducing hairloss & increase the lifespan of hair fibres for fuller beard.This oil is loaded with fatty acids to seal in moisture. The leave on conditioner & softner acts as a detangler for course hairs & relieves irritations for new hair growth.
  • FIGHTS DANDRUFF & INFECTIONS: Skin infections can lead to massive hair fall, with potent anti-bacterial properties, our beard oil prevents dandruff , nasty flaking & eliminates parasitic vermins completely and keeps your hair& skin both healthy and infection free.
  • BLENDED WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our luxury beard oil has over 7 expertly selected premium oils carefully blendid to target hair growth, antioxidant & antibacterial keeps the hair free from parasites, even the toughest & coarse hairs will soften & become moiturized, leave in conditioner & softner, minimises greying, eliminates nasty flakes & dandruff, treat split ends, de-tangles hairs for beard & skin health. Has one of the finest fusion of WEST and the EAST fragrance,TOBACCO & OUDH.
  • BEAUTIFYING AND HEALING EFFECT: Oudh oil which has antifungal, anti allergies & relvolutionary anti inflammatory agents to counteract grey hairs & calming the hair of split ends, frizz, tangles & dullness to give that extra silken shine and is also good for colour treated hair. It is very beneficial for protection against the sun & to treat acne & other skin irritations & lowers the risk for fine wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots.

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